Explore Your Fears and choose to be happy!

tumblr_nh06ancNPy1tf26zdo1_500      My fear is that I’ve spent all of this time working towards a goal that I’ll never reach. I fear that I will have to settle for something less than what I want. I know I’ll survive, and even if I don’t accomplish everything I want to, I’ll be happy. But I can’t escape the fear that I’ve seen too much. Too much potential that might never be reached.

I have the mindset that if anyone out there can do it, I can.
But if I don’t, will I feel empty?

The Two Visions

I don’t always feel this way. In fact, I feel this way only about 7% of the time. Over the past couple years I have strengthened my confidence and created a wonderful vision that pulls me.

This vision keeps me motivated because I have something to look forward to, and it’s easy to be motivated when you are looking at all the possibilities.

But don’t forget about that 7%, that’s where the darkness takes over.

Where your only vision of the future is of failure and struggle. For some of you, it may even be 15%, 25% and even more. You might be in a full blown spiral heading towards rock bottom. We have all been there.

When you’re in that percentage of time where everything seems to be failing and visions of your worst case scenarios are on repeat in your mind, you can make one critical move that is more effective than any other technique.

Usually when fears creep into our mind we try to push them out, we distract ourselves, we reassure ourselves.

But what happens if you go completely against that natural response and detail your fears with as much precision as you do your hopes?

When you stare into the darkness for enough time, you adjust. You see exactly what it is you are afraid of, no more ambiguity.

I want you to write down your absolute worst fears. The worst things that could happen if your current situation goes downhill.

Your fears lose most of their power when you look at them head on.

I’m not saying this technique is going to make them any less scary, if these scenarios don’t still scare you to death then they are not your worst fears and you’re lying to yourself.

But once you define these fears they will motivate you. Now you know what the worst possible scenarios are, and you can plan against them.

Just as you can use your positive vision of the future to pull you, you can use the visions of your worst case scenarios to push you.

When you look forward and can only see the possible disasters ahead, don’t look away, don’t distract or reassure yourself. Look deep into your fears and ask yourself what action you can take right now to ensure those visions never come to pass.

You need to cultivate the ability to move forward whether things look bright, or you only see the darkness, because eventually they won’t be visions anymore. One of them will become your reality.

And then it doesn’t matter what you’ve imagined the whole time leading up to that moment, only your actions. The only thing that will decide which reality you end up in is how often you kept pushing forward regardless of how you felt.

I’m afraid I’ve seen too much of the beauty of human potential and that I might not ever make it to the heights that I envision.

I’ll always be afraid of this, and I’ll use that fear to ensure that those visions never become a reality.

The good can motivate you, but so can the bad. Use your fears to push you forward.