Perfection Is Imperfection.


We’re taught to see the same as what society sees as perfection.  But perfection is when you can see his crooked teeth beyond the gap of his smile. It’s the scar on your arm from when you fell out of the tree at age 8. It’s the way you hold your fork the wrong way and the foolish phobia you’ve hid for so long. It’s the way your moms voice echos through the house and your family bickers on Christmas morning. It’s the times someone stutters among excitement or the times you fall asleep, mid-sentence on the phone. It’s the way you snore in your sleep as you dream of perfection but what society won’t tell you is that perfection is imperfection and i’m over to you..

I hope you’ve started to accept the flaws in yourself and your life. I’m interested to hear, what’s the greatest imperfection in your life? Leave a comment here.