Recall Your Faithfulness.

Even when you’re doing everything you know to do, there are still moments when it looks like it’s not going to work out. You fret about what to do next or if you should just let it go all together.  No inspiring quote or words of encouragement will seem to be able to sway your mood or sense of discouragement.


When you come to this place, let it in. Run through all your feelings of doubt, frustration and exhaustion. Accept that this is where you are right now. Accept that right now, things suck!

Know that this valley time is temporary.

And at some point may be tomorrow or even next week, you’ll find that these feelings have faded a little bit, that things may not be as bad as you thought. Your head now feels a little bit clearer and you can vaguely see a little light in the distance. You begin to recognize the familiarity of hope.

Recall your faithfulness. Remember the moments when things were less and then more again.

If not, if these feelings never seem to fade, if you can’t seem to kick the feeling that it’s all wrong, then it probably is.

In this case, consider a new course and use all that you have learned and gained during this time as tools to build upon.

Start again!